After years of quarantine Devilstone fest is back in Anykščiai! During the festival you had the option to headbang with the bands, grab some delicious food or visit the art show "Mass Hipnosis"

My work hung in the exhibition

Devilstone had an art workshop, so during the McGrowl performance I came to paint and headbang!

A catalogue of the exhibition was available during the festival, I also brought some stickers to the merch table (because everyone likes stickers)

Thank you devilstone and devilstoneres for the warm welcome \m/

~Devil is fine, GlassOfB33r

Art prints and originals are available to buy from:

If You'd like a print of a piece you don't see on the shop, contact me on social media @glassofb33r or via email same goes for other originals and commissions<3


Now the shop only has a few options, due to the fact that I am small self employed artist and can't really expand at the momment, but I am working towards that, so it would be easier to see what is available (without the awkward need to send dm's) also shirts will be coming as soon as I have the funds to test the quality of a few on demand printing places!

"Pasimesk Miške" Atklydo į Vilnių

Kviečiu apsilankyti, išbandyti popierių ir apžiūrėti parodą.

Darbai eksponuojami languose ir viduje, norėdami pamatyti visus parodos darbus, užsukite į vidų.

SMLT art Meetpoint

Šiaulių g. 10, Vilnius

Atidaryta darbo dienomis nuo 9.00 iki 17.00 val. (pietūs 12.00 - 13.00 val.)

Langai “dirba” visa parą!