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Workshop "Medūza" by Begemotas

August 2020

Last weekend I started this at Begemotas artist workshop and although it took a week, it is finished!⠀

The meaning behind this - in the Šiauliai coat of arms there are 3 figures a bear, a bull and the all seeing eye. ⠀

The old Bull that is supposed to be a defender can't let go of it's old ways.⠀

The all seeing eye that is indeed watching and ready to point out anyone thats "out of the norm" for it.⠀

The raging bear with a collar that has a baltic pattern on it forced into fire and brimstone. With more details sprinkled all over.⠀

Gabija Korsakaitė "In Ruins" Artwork created during the workshop

Thanks to VŠĮ Begemotas


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